Weight & Obesity Management in Canberra

Weight and obesity management has always been at the core foundation of our services here at Canberra Allied Health and we are proud to specialise in this area. The director of Canberra Allied Health – Dr Emily Lewis – has specialised in obesity management for over 10 years and has hired an excellent team of allied health professionals who are also passionate about this integral area of healthcare. Emily’s PhD explored the psychology behind weight management and how health professionals can better support their patients to achieve long-term lifestyle change, such as improvements to diet, exercise, sleep, stress and mindfulness. She has mentored and trained the Canberra Allied Health team with the findings of her research in mind.

The Canberra Allied Health dietitians are Accredited Optifast Healthcare Professionals and have extensive experience in nutrition for bariatric surgery, the Allurion gastric balloon and supporting patients while they take weight loss medications such as Saxenda and Ozempic. Chris Thompson, the team’s psychologist, has worked in the area of weight and obesity management for 20 years and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Canberra Allied Health team on the psychology behind eating, body image and weight management.

We specialise in holistic health and wellness

With a strong focus on long-term, sustainable lifestyle change our experienced clinicians are here to support you in managing your physical and mental health, medical conditions, pain, mobility, fitness, body image and weight.