Exercise Classes in Aranda, Canberra

At Canberra Allied Health we are proud to offer a variety of exercise classes to suit any level of fitness or ability. All of our classes are led by our team of Accredited Exercise Physiologists, so you can be assured a high level of care from an experienced practitioner. The classes are small in numbers and highly individualised to suit your needs. Our land based classes are held at our clinic in Aranda, while our pool based class is held at Lakeside Leisure Centre in Tuggeranong. We offer class term packages or you can choose to pay as you go.

We highly recommend an initial exercise physiology consultation prior to joining one of our classes. This gives us time to complete baseline fitness assessments, go over any medical conditions, injuries or niggles you may have, and help you to choose the class that is right for you. We work holistically here at Canberra Allied Health and this means supporting your overall exercise regime, even outside of your chosen class. The initial appointment helps us to set you up with a physical activity treatment plan ongoing, and often includes a home or gym based program you can do on the days you aren’t in our class!

Trust us, the initial exercise physiology appointment is worth it, and only sets you up for success and an individualised level of care once you join the class.

We specialise in holistic health and wellness

With a strong focus on long-term, sustainable lifestyle change our experienced clinicians are here to support you in managing your physical and mental health, medical conditions, pain, mobility, fitness, body image and weight.